Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A note from us to YOU!

Season's Greetings from Femilia!!

Tis the season, to celebrate familia, friends, and the gift of life!!  We wish you, and your familia, all the very best this holiday season!!

We would like to take this moment and share the latest in Femilia Couture news with you, as we enter the prosperous new year of 2011.

First we would like to reflect on all the wonderful things that have happened over the past few years.  The support we have seen from Metro Detroit, and Michigan entirely has been the kindest and most uplifting any two girls could ever ask for.  This label represents the creativity that can build something beautiful, and share it with others in a very standardized fashion.  Every person that has ever shared our story, attended a show or event, purchased a piece from one of our collections through our shop or even the Fair's around the area, or just shared a word of support, WE THANK YOU!! It is because of you that, Femilia and us as a design team, have been able to flourish amongst the stories of what makes Detroit special.

We, as the fabulous creative design duo we are, have collaboratively decided to move forward in the new year and pursue our own independent careers in Fashion. We are both glad to have been a part of some wonderful moments in each other's lives and think the possibilities for both of us, individually, are new beginnings with great merit that are graciously awaiting us.

Thank you again, as we close out the year, we are thrilled to have had you a part of our lives and would love for you to continue to support creative business and those professionals that add value to this beautiful collaborative hub that we love and call Detroit!

Happy Holidays and Support your local artisans!!

Best Regards,


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Streaming live on

Did you know that having an air streamed interview is a HUGE deal!!! We would love to thank, the host June Stoyer, for being so easy to talk to and an advocate for all things Organic!!! check out her show everyday at 12 noon!! AMAZING!!

click here for the best in organic
Listen to internet radio with The Organic View on Blog Talk Radio

Monday, December 6, 2010

~The Organic View asks Femilia for some 1 on 1 in the Airwaves~

It has been said by some that social networking sites are full of wasted time, missed connections and yes, we here disagree...COMPLETELY!!! Thanks to the Twitter-Verse, Femilia has connected and chatted with people not just in Michigan, not just in the US, but all over the world! And it definitely does not stop there... Social Media is the future and everyone should give a tweet every once in awhile.

Today, at Noon Eastern Time, Fotoula of Femilia, will be live with NY resident and Organic Activist,  June Stoyer from The Organic View Radio Show.  The day's topics extend further beyond the Design appeal Femilia shares with the Organic Fashion world, and especially the use of Natural and Sustainable Fibers such as Bamboo, Silk, Hemp, Soy, Organic Cotton, etc.The segment's purpose is also to bring National awareness to a business like ours, that started in a recession, amidst record number unemployment rates, and has made it to it's fourth year anniversary that is soon approaching in January 2011.  The Organic Guru, herself, feels that businesses like ours, are leaders in which direction our Country should be going.  Continuing to create and produce our product here in the States, and how a Label like ours is taking on the Fast Food of Fashion, like Forever XX1, Wal-Mart Signature Labels, and many others that easily add to the list of being made in third world countries, that do not even practice Fair Trade ethics.  Immediately following the show, links will be available via Internet, and posted here for your listening pleasure. We hope you have some time to tune in, or even listen to the podcast at a later time!! This is one step for Femilia, one giant leap for Organic Fashion of all Kinds!!

If you love Twitter, just as much as we do, Follow us and we will definitely Follow back!!
@fo2la - Fotoula's personal Twitter

Get Connected...Stay Connected!!  click here for immediate access-> Organic View Radio Show


Our Seasoned Featured artist this month, is CyberOptix Tie Lab with Master Crafter of Silk, Bethany Shorb behind the operation! Cyberoptix has been featured on Etsy, Martha Stewart, numerous magazines around the world, and it is just the beginning. These Silk hand made ties feature the most unique screens with objects such as handguns, vintage cameras, gear shifts, records, and snowflakes as the center focus of the neck tie, paired in interesting color and style variations.

Cyberoptix has and is being sold all over the world, while made entirely in the Detroit, Michigan based studio  operates along with her Label DethLab. Bethany is an original and unique artist, whose talent extends further than Men's Neck dressings.  She has been seen out and about in Detroit, at the coolest of Main Stream, and underground Art gathering, wearing some of the most eccentric garments throughout the MidWest.  She is an inspiration to us, and we are proud to have her Product in our showroom!!

Please visit for a full listing of available designs and styles, all the latest in neck wear which recently includes scarves, and more!!!! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


For all you good (and sometimes not so good) boys and girls out there!! Get yourself, or your special someone a holiday gift from Femilia!

This Friday featured sales on all our Merch which showcase the newest arrivals of our Accessory Line.

From Gauntlets, Scarves, Dickies, Cuff Links, Headbands, and more please feel free to stop on by starting bright and fashionably early......11am until 7pm. =)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Featured Artist this week- DEADBEAT MUSIC ARTWORK

So, it is Tuesday at Femilia, which means we have just had our latest art installment by the wonderful, Michele Crimi, who by far extends her appreciation of music to more than listening.  She has recycled used and broken musical instruments into works of art like wall hanging pieces, to freelance music catichers.  Not only does she create these beautiful pieces of work, but she rescues these instruments from musicians and around the area of Detroit.

Her work will be available to view all week at the Showroom, and you have the chance to meet the Artist herself at the Artist Reception held here on Thursday from 6-9. Come join us and learn more about the whereabouts Miss Michele has picked up some of her instruments, which I am sure you would want to know.

Deadbeat Music Artwork on FacebookClick Here
Deadbeat Music Artwork on MySpaceClick Here

Monday, November 15, 2010


Photo Courtesy of Detroit Metromix
This past weekend's event was a hit!! We had so many people there backstage and front in the crowd, from supports in the community, panel attendees, and last but not least, the press! It was really great to see everyone out with their ears and eyes focued on the discussion, the fashion shows and the networking opportunities everyone seemed to find.
Photos Courtesy of Detroit Metromix

Again, we thank you all so much for the support over these years in the establishment of Femilia amongst other innovation concepts businesses, and we will continue to support the establishment of Industry Standards for Fashion in Detroit.

Full Coverage of the NYLA Report by our fave Fashion Blogger, Asia Willis click here
Full Coverage from Metromix Detroit click here
Full Coverage from Fuzzytek Photography click here

Friday, November 12, 2010

Femilia Store Closes for the DESIGN.DEFINE.DETROIT Fashion Industry Gala 11.13.10

Just an announcement!! Femilia Couture will be closing early tomorrow, Saturday November 13, at 4pm, for the DESIGN.DEFINE.DETROIT. Fashion Industry Gala. Please join us, especially for the Panel Discussion portion at 5pm and runway shows that follow the media reception at 7pm! Please click on the link for registration and more event information.

There will be numerous individuals involved in this event, that prove the main focus to be community for establishing what we need here in the City, a flourishing Garment Industry.  There are a lot of people that feel this to do list is sooo long, it is impossible, but regardless of the adversity that we as Detroiters faces, we as Detroiters are the keys to future of the City!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


 One of our fav fashion gals, Angela McBride is here setting up!! 

You've seen her at all our Fashion Garages, now come check her out in store all this week.  The show will run today Tuesday NOVEMBER 9, 2010 - Saturday NOVEMBER 13. From 11am to 7pm.   ARTIST RECEPTION:: THURSDAY NOVEMBER 11, 2010 from 6pm-9pm.  Wine and snacks and meet the artist and the designers!

For any age, shape or size, Viva La Spandex!!,

Like the look above?  You'll LOVE the rest of Ms. Mcbride's designs go check out her website to see more AWESOME STYLES!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CHUCKs with FEMILIA SPUNK & Our first Artist Reception Opening

 What would you do if 944 Magazine and Karmanos Cancer Institute 
asked you to give a new life to an old plain version of chuck's?!  Well, Femilia added its own flare to these with tulle ruffles and basket weaved laces.  So our efforts definitely were noticed and here are some snap shots of 944's eye candy event at the CCS Taubman Center in New Center Park Detroit.  The nights was a blast, the other chucks were amazing all different in their own ways.  We were thrilled to be apart of this and showcase our work, all for a great cause.
So next on the Femilia Agenda, is the Artist Reception for Rebecca Goldberg.  This Thursday evening, we are toasting to a local Graphic Artist, whose work highlights all things remarkable about Detroit.  From Local Industry to the main stream well known labels of Detroit, she is a visionary of color and balance, and it shows in her work.  Come out this Thursday evening, from 6 to 9 pm, and see for yourself.  Ciao!

To see some of her work directly online check it out here

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A little personal note to you

Well....there has been a lot happening here at the headquarters, and I must say, the thrill is building!! So much has happened recently, with the launch of our Spring.Summer 2011 collection, that these new endeavors are exciting!  This last week has been a whirlwind, and more info is on its way.

To start, our opening was a success!! So many of our friends and clients came out to show their support, order off of the new collection, and new faces have been through the space this week to see what our store front has to offer! Seeing their faces here, has not only offered us real strength, in believing in this vision of Fashion dreams, but reinforces the focus we need to keep going and growing.  Support from others is a large part of Femilia, and the grass rooted style approach that has been taken until today. Thank you! And thanks to for giving us a wonderful perspective photo of a Femilia client experience at last week's trunk show for Fashion in Detroit! Risism, is an official sponsor for the DESIGN.DEFINE.DETROIT event on Saturday November 14, 2010, at the 5 Elements gallery in Corktown.  This will be next available opportunity for you to see the collection up close and personal. 

2661 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI. 48216

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NYLA REPORT Fashion in Detroit 2010: Day 2

Fashion in Detroit 2010: Day 2

Here is a little something from Femilia's fave fashion bloggette!! Asia Willis, thank you thank you for all the support over these years!!

Click here for the whole NYLA REPORT

SS2011 Collection Photos

Organic Cotton Twill Tuxedo Ruffle Dickie   Twill Hot Short

Here is most of the FORMzine shots from this past weekend! We must say a huge thank you to them, and especially Winnie, for giving us such lovely runway shots!

Silk Gauze Blouse  Organic Cotton High waist pleat skirt

Silk Crepe De Chine Casual dress

Silk Flat Crepe blouse with glass neckline detail  Flat Silk Crepe and Silk Gauze layered skirt

Silk Flat Crepe cami with zipper detail  Silk Crepe de Chine Harem Pant

Bamboo Jersey Day to night dress Bamboo legging

Silk Gauze and Muslin Shell  Cotton Twill pipe pant

Crepe de Chine and Silk Gauze baby doll dress

Crepe back Charmeuse with ruffle neckline and waist belt 

Crepe de Chine Ruffle Cami  Organic Twill Pleated high waist skirt

Satin Devoure Box sheath dress with side pleat detail

Bamboo jersey day dress with hanker chief style skirt

Bamboo Jersey goddess dress with front and back cowl  detail

Crepe back Charmeuse Day dress with silk trim detail

Crepe back charmeuse halter dress with front and back glass detail

Silk Charmeuse gown with ruffled bust detail 

Flat crepe Silk gown with bustier bodice w/ full bustled silk skirt and tulle underlay

Cotton Twill sport coat with back pleated zipper detail   Satin Devoure cami with shoulder applique   Organic cotton twill pipe pant

Silk Gauze and Muslin Whimsy Gown, with front asymmetrical zipper closure, draped muslin underskirt and full Tulle over skirt

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Femilia Couture - Fashion in Detroit 2010

FEMILIA COUTURE_FUTURE VINTAGE_SS2011 video courtesy of ris tena at risismtv

Also, we must acknowlege the wonderful coverage from FORMzine, click here, who gaves us these beautiful images

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion In Detroit is HERE!!!!

Today begin's the Two-day Fashion event highlighting local and national designer fashions, in a NY-MILAN-PARIS style presentation....FASHION IN DETROIT- MOTOR CITY CASINO- Femilia is proud to show again this year and couldnt be more excited to see the place light up and fill with people!
We just came back to the studio from a seamless fitting at Motor City Casino and are ready to touch up these last pieces and work on something for us to wear!!!!!!

If you haven't purchased tickets, they are still available at or can be purchased at the entrance....Shows begin prompty at 1:07pm, and we are showing our new Spring/Summer 2010 Collection tomorrow, which is Saturday, morning to open the day of events~~ See you on the runway!

Also, stayed tuned for all the artists we will be collaborating with in the next few months... First of our collaborative friend, Glass master Drew Kups of Urban Pheasant Glass has a lot of things in store for you to see on the runway of FID this year, so you shouldn't miss out!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Greenest of them All--- EARTHDIVASBLOG.COM

Ok, this here is something Femilia is so proud to be featured in! One of the coolest environmentally conscious blogs found in the internet We were thrilled to read this morning's post on Heather's site.  She said so many wonderful things and has suggested that she must attend this years, fashion in detroit at Motor City Casino.  We think you should follow her lead and insist on being there to see our collection, first hand!

We hope you do, since this is THE collection to not miss. Til then...

Please click here to view full article and other

or shop the Fair Trade Eco Store

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Femilia Gives Back!!

Dont forget to check out this Month's 944 Detroit...See highlights from every awesome festival for the end of summer...High top Dior Sneakers, an awesome Editorial from LM studios, and the last page is a fave...PLUS...this weekend's Chucks for Charity event that highlights two pairs of Femilia Sneakers!

A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education
460 W. Baltimore Ave
Detroit, MI 48202
Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010


 Fashion In Detroit is the talk of the this town for the next few weeks and we are thrilled to be apart of it! From the press to the continued production of the line, our schedules are packed tight!  This past Saturday Morning on FOX 2 News Morning, we were kindly asked to bring some of our gals and garb, and ourselves, and talk fashion with Deena Santifonti.

All ticketing and event info can be found and make sure you are there on Saturday's shows, since we are the first to grace the runway that afternoon!!

Click here for some Femilia

Monday, October 4, 2010

This Weeks is a doozy!

 Soooo.....first and foremost, you must get a chance to see our friend Birta Epfstein's METRO TIMES Fall Fashion Spread! Here is a link but we just had to steal some images and share them with you.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE Metro Times ARTICLE ONLINE 

We would especially like to thank, our good friend, Travis Wright who summarized this season's feminine fashion trends.  Right on!!

Things have been a little quit since there is so much coming up here at Femilia. The new collection has been in production and we are in the preliminary stages of something BIG!!!

Lets start this blog by saying, we apologize for not getting more in touch with you!  This weeks first big news, FEMILIA COUTURE WILL BE IN FASHION IN DETROIT 2010

This October 23rd, at 1pm, our newest collection FUTURE VINTAGE will be revealed at Motor City Casino.  We have some wonderful collaborations with some local artists in this one, and it will guarantee to send chills and thrills through your fashion conscious mind. Tickets and all event info is available on and

To view our previous S/S 2010 Collection from FID 2009, click on the image above!