Friday, August 27, 2010

FEMILIA TO BE SEEN @ the EMMYS this weekend!!!!!!!

Well, a dream we have had has finally come true.... A lovely gal, originally from Detroit, who now works for the HUBtv, has graced us the opportunity to turn heads in LA.

She will be adorned in a Strapless Drop Waist bustier gown, made of a beautiful Silk Devoure in Copper, and trumpets down to the floor.  Here is a little pic from a past runway that highlighted this breathtaking design...

Stayed tuned Sunday August 29th, and watch in amazement at ALL the beautiful couture gowns shown on the screens that evening..


  1. That is awesome! congrats girls!!!!Hard work pays off, you both deserve it


  2. wowowowowowowowowowowow.....go girls!

  3. Thanks ladies!!! We don't stop, cuz we can't stop!!