Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A note from us to YOU!

Season's Greetings from Femilia!!

Tis the season, to celebrate familia, friends, and the gift of life!!  We wish you, and your familia, all the very best this holiday season!!

We would like to take this moment and share the latest in Femilia Couture news with you, as we enter the prosperous new year of 2011.

First we would like to reflect on all the wonderful things that have happened over the past few years.  The support we have seen from Metro Detroit, and Michigan entirely has been the kindest and most uplifting any two girls could ever ask for.  This label represents the creativity that can build something beautiful, and share it with others in a very standardized fashion.  Every person that has ever shared our story, attended a show or event, purchased a piece from one of our collections through our shop or even the Fair's around the area, or just shared a word of support, WE THANK YOU!! It is because of you that, Femilia and us as a design team, have been able to flourish amongst the stories of what makes Detroit special.

We, as the fabulous creative design duo we are, have collaboratively decided to move forward in the new year and pursue our own independent careers in Fashion. We are both glad to have been a part of some wonderful moments in each other's lives and think the possibilities for both of us, individually, are new beginnings with great merit that are graciously awaiting us.

Thank you again, as we close out the year, we are thrilled to have had you a part of our lives and would love for you to continue to support creative business and those professionals that add value to this beautiful collaborative hub that we love and call Detroit!

Happy Holidays and Support your local artisans!!

Best Regards,


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Streaming live on

Did you know that having an air streamed interview is a HUGE deal!!! We would love to thank, the host June Stoyer, for being so easy to talk to and an advocate for all things Organic!!! check out her show everyday at 12 noon!! AMAZING!!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

~The Organic View asks Femilia for some 1 on 1 in the Airwaves~

It has been said by some that social networking sites are full of wasted time, missed connections and yes, we here disagree...COMPLETELY!!! Thanks to the Twitter-Verse, Femilia has connected and chatted with people not just in Michigan, not just in the US, but all over the world! And it definitely does not stop there... Social Media is the future and everyone should give a tweet every once in awhile.

Today, at Noon Eastern Time, Fotoula of Femilia, will be live with NY resident and Organic Activist,  June Stoyer from The Organic View Radio Show.  The day's topics extend further beyond the Design appeal Femilia shares with the Organic Fashion world, and especially the use of Natural and Sustainable Fibers such as Bamboo, Silk, Hemp, Soy, Organic Cotton, etc.The segment's purpose is also to bring National awareness to a business like ours, that started in a recession, amidst record number unemployment rates, and has made it to it's fourth year anniversary that is soon approaching in January 2011.  The Organic Guru, herself, feels that businesses like ours, are leaders in which direction our Country should be going.  Continuing to create and produce our product here in the States, and how a Label like ours is taking on the Fast Food of Fashion, like Forever XX1, Wal-Mart Signature Labels, and many others that easily add to the list of being made in third world countries, that do not even practice Fair Trade ethics.  Immediately following the show, links will be available via Internet, and posted here for your listening pleasure. We hope you have some time to tune in, or even listen to the podcast at a later time!! This is one step for Femilia, one giant leap for Organic Fashion of all Kinds!!

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Our Seasoned Featured artist this month, is CyberOptix Tie Lab with Master Crafter of Silk, Bethany Shorb behind the operation! Cyberoptix has been featured on Etsy, Martha Stewart, numerous magazines around the world, and it is just the beginning. These Silk hand made ties feature the most unique screens with objects such as handguns, vintage cameras, gear shifts, records, and snowflakes as the center focus of the neck tie, paired in interesting color and style variations.

Cyberoptix has and is being sold all over the world, while made entirely in the Detroit, Michigan based studio  operates along with her Label DethLab. Bethany is an original and unique artist, whose talent extends further than Men's Neck dressings.  She has been seen out and about in Detroit, at the coolest of Main Stream, and underground Art gathering, wearing some of the most eccentric garments throughout the MidWest.  She is an inspiration to us, and we are proud to have her Product in our showroom!!

Please visit for a full listing of available designs and styles, all the latest in neck wear which recently includes scarves, and more!!!!