Monday, December 6, 2010


Our Seasoned Featured artist this month, is CyberOptix Tie Lab with Master Crafter of Silk, Bethany Shorb behind the operation! Cyberoptix has been featured on Etsy, Martha Stewart, numerous magazines around the world, and it is just the beginning. These Silk hand made ties feature the most unique screens with objects such as handguns, vintage cameras, gear shifts, records, and snowflakes as the center focus of the neck tie, paired in interesting color and style variations.

Cyberoptix has and is being sold all over the world, while made entirely in the Detroit, Michigan based studio  operates along with her Label DethLab. Bethany is an original and unique artist, whose talent extends further than Men's Neck dressings.  She has been seen out and about in Detroit, at the coolest of Main Stream, and underground Art gathering, wearing some of the most eccentric garments throughout the MidWest.  She is an inspiration to us, and we are proud to have her Product in our showroom!!

Please visit for a full listing of available designs and styles, all the latest in neck wear which recently includes scarves, and more!!!! 

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