Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion In Detroit is HERE!!!!

Today begin's the Two-day Fashion event highlighting local and national designer fashions, in a NY-MILAN-PARIS style presentation....FASHION IN DETROIT- MOTOR CITY CASINO- Femilia is proud to show again this year and couldnt be more excited to see the place light up and fill with people!
We just came back to the studio from a seamless fitting at Motor City Casino and are ready to touch up these last pieces and work on something for us to wear!!!!!!

If you haven't purchased tickets, they are still available at or can be purchased at the entrance....Shows begin prompty at 1:07pm, and we are showing our new Spring/Summer 2010 Collection tomorrow, which is Saturday, morning to open the day of events~~ See you on the runway!

Also, stayed tuned for all the artists we will be collaborating with in the next few months... First of our collaborative friend, Glass master Drew Kups of Urban Pheasant Glass has a lot of things in store for you to see on the runway of FID this year, so you shouldn't miss out!

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